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We’re moving out!

August 24, 2011

We’re taking this more seriously and got our own domain name now!  So adjust your bookmarks and meet us over at from now on!



April 19, 2010

You’ve found/stumbled into the homepage of the Ocean City Trinity! We’re a video game marathon team that makes events out of playing video games, streaming our progress online, chatting with people interested enough to join, and collecting money for a charitable cause from anyone that likes what we do.

The Metroid Versus Marathon finished successfully!  Check back soon to see what we’ll be up to next!

The Metroid marathon last word

July 22, 2011

Once again, I think we outdid ourselves.

I mean, sure, we lost, but it was worth it, and while I’m sure everyone involved could find some fault with their own progress on the game, I’m not going to — there’s not much on the competition side to say than TSR simply had a better run.  But even with that said, I know we played our best.  Rich, our newest player, had the retro games down cold, Nick had a solid run through Fusion, and I took on most of the rest with surprising skill considering I picked them up specifically for this marathon.  And while our donation amount certainly wasn’t as high as the Mario marathon before this, $576.20 is still nothing to look down at.

The final scoreboard is already posted, but I’d also like to say that this was a format I really liked and could easily be reused for a different game series for the next versus marathon.

As of right now, we’re actually more likely to leave the versus marathons alone for a bit as everyone involved does their own thing for a bit.  We’ve begun talking a little bit about a solo project, but right now it’s just ideas, so hopefully we’ll have something for you to get excited about soon.

Metroid Versus Marathon final scoreboard

July 13, 2011

The Metroid Versus Marathon is over!  We raised $576.20 in total…not too shabby!

I plan on making a more detailed post within a week describing my total thoughts, but until then here’s the final scoreboard:

Ocean City Trinity +50 Bonus Team Mountain Gaming Triple Speed Runners +50 Bonus
Metroid 25 1:18 100% 25 1:42 55% 25 1:23 55%
150 80 90
Zero Mission 25 1:25:11(1:06:09) 64% 25 2:29:47 47% 25 1:16:36 71(100%)
99 72 135
Prime 25 5:23 70% 25 10:55 63% 25 3:41 100%
105 88 150
Echoes 25 8:11 56% 25 12:23 59% 25 6:55 72(100%)
91 84 150
Corruption 25 7:31 56% 25 3:57 57%
91 107
Return 25 1:33 100% 25 3:27 82% 25 2:08 97%
150 107 132
Super 25 2:27 99% 25 2:13 42% 25 3:09 57%
134 92 82
Other M 25 5:48:51 41% 25 5:37:16 35(100%)
76 150
Fusion 25 1:52 66% 25 1:23 38(43%)
101 93

Final score: OCT 1062, TMG 523, TSR 1139

Getting closer!

June 28, 2011

As I write this, we’re about a week and a half away from the Metroid Versus Marathon!  I hope you’re excited, I know I am.

I’ll be putting up updated rules and FAQs soon, though little has changed.  There is, unfortunately, one item I have to go back on — the marathon’s not going to be extended based on donation amounts.  Or to be more specific, the competition side won’t be.  The short explanation is one of the other teams, thanks to some real life concerns, can’t stay much longer than the initial 48 hours.  But that doesn’t prevent us (or the other-other team, for that matter) from organizing our own ways to keep the entertainment going.

In addition, we’ll be doing some equipment testing we can run off as a preview tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9PM.  If you want to stop by and help us run things smoothly, feel free to stop by!
EDIT: If you actually did stop by, sorry about that!  For some reason isn’t cooperating and I’ll look into why for another test stream later.
EDIT AGAIN: We figured out why, and are trying again Friday at 9PM.

It’s promo video time!

June 12, 2011

Here’s something we put together to show off to excite people about the next marathon!

For those of you who follow us on Facebook…

May 30, 2011

We’ve changed our page to an actual fan page rather than one of the old groups. So if you want to be informed of updates through that now, or just get other news on what we’re up to, the place to do that is behind this link.  See you there!

How much do you know about Metroid?

May 29, 2011

So usually I post a quick summary of each game for anyone not familiar about Metroid.  But really, you can get a basic idea of that in a lot of other places (most gaming sites or even Wikipedia being the  most obvious examples).  So instead, I’m going to post a list of things you might or might not know about the series.  So enjoy this bit of Metroid trivia!

Did you know that…

* Samus makes a cameo appearance in Super Mario RPG and Kirby’s Dream Land 3, and was slated to be a console exclusive character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance before licensing issues caused her to be dummied out?
* The decision to make Samus a woman was a last minute addition to the original Metroid?
* Samus has been directly responsible for the total annihilation of three planets (possibly four depending on interpretation) and a space station?
* Ridley appears in all three games in the Super Smash Bros. series, but has yet to be a playable character in them?
* In-universe, the origin of the name “Metroid” was a Chozo word meaning “ultimate warrior”?
* The Japanese version of Metroid allows you to save without a password, and the functionality to do that in other versions was attempted but abandoned?
* The “JUSTIN BAILEY” password in Metroid wasn’t intended to be a meaningful password and only caught on because it was the first password found to unlock everything that says something coherent?
* Metroid II is the only game in the series not to have any timed missions and the only game not to feature any Space Pirates?
* A DX version of Metroid II was planned (but cancelled) that would give it a full color palette?
* At the time of its release, Super Metroid was the largest SNES game, at 24 megabits?
* Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime were released on the same day, which itself was more than eight years after Super Metroid, the game before it?
* Since its percentage doesn’t count any permanent upgrades, it’s theoretically possible to finish Metroid Fusion with a 0% collection rate?
* Metroid Fusion runs on a heavily modified version of the Wario Land 4 engine?
* Kraid was going to be a boss in Metroid Prime before being dummied out?
* As of May 2011, lists Metroid Prime as the seventh greatest game of all time, and the best of its console generation?
* Metroid Prime was the first game to have a speedrun listed on the Speed Demos Archive?
* Samus’s appearance outside the Power Suit didn’t become standardized until Metroid: Zero Mission?
* The three items unusable until the end of Metroid: Zero Mission are conceptually similar to Kid Icarus (which was considered a sister series to Metroid), which also had three treasures that couldn’t be used until the end of the game?
* According to the game’s creators, the Pirate Mothership featured at the end of Metroid: Zero Mission is NOT the Wrecked Ship from Super Metroid, in spite of them having similar features and being in roughly the same position on the map?
* One of the items supposedly lost by Samus in the beginning of Metroid Prime 2, the Power Bombs, she didn’t actually have (or at least couldn’t use at the time)?
* Due to a glitch that allows you to collect one item twice, it’s possible to finish Metroid Prime 2 with a 101% collection rate?
* A version of Metroid Prime 2 with motion controls was first shown as a playable Wii tech demo well before it appeared as part of the Metroid Prime Trilogy?
* In Metroid Prime 3, the four light bars at the top the visor are equivalent to the Wiimote’s battery life?
* Metroid Dread, a rumored (but thought to be cancelled) game in the series, is subtly referenced as part of a scan in Metroid Prime 3?
* Metroid: Other M features one boss from all of the other 2D Metroid games?
* In spite of Samus supposedly having all of her previous abilities from Super Metroid for Metroid: Other M, the Spazer Beam, Hi-Jump Boots, and X-Ray Scope are never mentioned?
* Characters/items from the Metroid series appear as part of the orange color group in Nintendo Monopoly?
* At, the Metroid series has named two trope articles: Samus Is A Girl (a character wearing something covering their entire body is assumed to be male but later revealed to be female) and Metroidvania (an action game subgenre, usually containing a large world that could theoretically be explored freely if it weren’t for needing specific abilities), as well as formerly naming a third, Metroid Bomb (later renamed to Catastrophic Countdown)?
* In general, the Metroid series is more popular in the United States than anywhere else, in spite of it being developed primarily in Japan?
* The Metroid series has an unusually large number of similarities and references to the Alien movie series?