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More explanations are in order…

April 19, 2010

Yes, I realize having to do this again makes us look very disorganized.  And while the short version is that you didn’t miss anything, I know I have some explaining to do, and here they are.

Sometime around the beginning of March, the network went down due to a virus on the computer used to host it all.  Not only did this include itself, but all of the affiliate sites, including ours and the headquarters we were building specifically for the versus marathons we started doing more recently.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get around to rebuilding it in a timely manner.  The short version is that we have lives outside this web activity.  I was mostly waiting for things to be set up to relaunch the site back on the network, but the way things were set up before, I didn’t have the right access to that, and — to put it bluntly — I got tired of waiting for things to change.  Therefore, we’re rebuilding here instead, with intentions to move it back to its old address later.

I had the foresight to save a few of the pages I update most often (mostly the entire About Us and Archives section), which are back on the site.  This didn’t include any details we had posted about our previous marathons, and right now I don’t have plans to restore them beyond what’s already listed in the Archives section.  Sorry for those of you who miss that, but if you want more details just ask.

Now, in terms of current activity, we also agreed due to the virus mentioned two paragraphs ago, the Banjo-Kazooie marathon is on hold.  Not cancelled, just delayed.  The simple reason for that is we agreed we were better off not running the marathon without a site and risking little publicity as a result.  Let’s face it, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.  (Or, to paraphrase a video game developer known for delaying games, “a bad game rushed to market is bad forever”.)  The current plan is to do it sometime in May, and when I figure out which weekend works best for the teams involved, I will make a post here saying that.

And, on our last note, we also got with the times and made a group page on Facebook, and you can look at it here.  I’ll be crossposting some of the more significant (and less wordy) information over there, so you can get info on us right along with what your friends are up to.  Or use it in case we end up relocating again.  Whichever’s easier for you.

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