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Some actual news! Sort of.

June 27, 2010

The most important thing first: the next marathon has been decided, and is set to happen sometime around the end of August or beginning of September.  It’s another versus marathon, with at least one team from a previous versus marathon (and probably another team as well)…the charity in question hasn’t been decided yet but we’re tossing around ideas.  But rather than reveal the series right now, I’m going to do a live announcement.  If you check out our stream page this coming Thursday, July 1, at 9PM Eastern time, I’m going to not only reveal the series, but play through the first game in it…or at least get as far into it as I can without getting tired.  Come join in, take a look, make suggestions on what to feature for the real event, or just cheer us on — either way your presence and interaction is appreciated.

And since no one’s ever happy without something to speculate on, here’s your hint about what I might be playing: said first game in the series is more than 20 years old.  Let the suggestions fly.

Some other stuff that I might as well also point out, I have two changes I plan on making to this site.  The first is to write up some short reviews for every game I’ve played on the stream.  The second (and probably more serious) is that I plan to move this site off WordPress and onto an actual .com (or at least .net or .org) domain.  As usual, news on when that actually happens will be posted here.

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