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Legend of Zelda Versus Marathon wrap-up

September 17, 2010

If I had to try and summarize my thoughts on the whole event in one sentence that sounds a bit like sagely advice, it would be “Sometimes you don’t need to win to be the hero.”

Sure, we lost the competition, and by a pretty sizeable margin at that. I’m not going to make up excuses (except saying it’s Tingle’s fault), the other team was clearly more prepared. All things considered I thought we did very well on the gaming side of things, even if there were some things that could have gone a little bit better. But you know what we definitely nailed? The entertainment side of things. I saw quite a few people stick around for a long time, some were referring their friends, and others said they were staying here and not at Triple Speed Runners’ stream because they thought we were more entertaining (no disrespect meant to them, obviously). If anything, we gained a lot of support from our fans. And that’s what I’m happiest about.

In structuring this event, one thing I realized early on was that none of our previous marathons gave any reason or incentive to donate beyond it being a nice thing. That’s where the time for money thing came from. And personally, I thought it was a great idea, and it was fun to see how long people would keep us going for — in fact, within the last half hour some of our viewers worked together to raise an extra $20 or so to keep us going further. We took it a step further and smashed my first Xbox 360 (which could barely, if ever, leave the dashboard) upon reaching $360 in donations…which was surprisingly therapeutic. And in the end, $390 (enough for 12 extra hours) raised is a new record for us, so expect the same sort of incentives next time.  I tossed in $61 myself after the event later (why $61?  Because we had a little over 6100 points at the end!).

Let’s break down the games (that we actually got to) a bit now:
Legend of Zelda:  I wasn’t around for most of this, but I think it may have been the best performance here.  I mean, the game finished in a fairly short amount of time with no deaths and almost all the achievements accounted for?  What could I have asked for?  Well, the other team not doing just a bit better, but still.  Played by Kyle, game finished in 2:22, 23/25 achievements worth 955 points.
Adventure of Link: This was originally going to be played by Mark from Bonus Stage Marathons (aka Cornshaq), but since we ran into issues over actually being able to get a stream from him I ended up running it myself.  I had only finished the game once before, and that was a few months before the marathon, and I still claim it’s the hardest game in the series, so I’m surprised things went as well as they did.  Played by Tom, game finished in 5:28:26, 18/21 achievements worth 780 points
Link to the Past: This is a game I know very well, having grown up with it, but oddly enough one I never tried to speedrun until this marathon came around.  While the other team got me in this regard, I still thought my run was pretty solid, though clearly not flawless.  Played by Tom, game finished in 4:03:54, 25/31 achievements worth 775 points.
Link’s Awakening: Bern was going to cover this one, but didn’t get enough time to actually play it when he was over and we thought he would be back later (and when it looked like he wasn’t we did it in his place).  I had recently recorded a let’s play on this game for Youtube, so the whole thing was very fresh in my head, making for a good run.  Played by Tom, game finished in 4:06:08, 21/29 achievements worth 645 achievements
Ocarina of Time: John did some research before coming to play on some speedrunning glitches, but never actually got enough time to practice them beforehand, so the end result was a pretty solid beginning but an end that could’ve used some work.  Either way, no real complaints.  Played by John and Dan, game finished in 14:50:00, 21/35 achievements worth 605 points
Majora’s Mask: This is all Tingle’s fault.  And perhaps the game disc we used, as it crashed twice on us, resulting in about 3 hours of progress lost.  After that, we didn’t have the drive to finish it, though that’s about how long it probably would have taken to finish it out from there.  Played by Tom, game not finished, 11 achievements worth 275 points
Oracle of Seasons: The last game we played.  Dan tried sightreading it after suggesting it would be the game we had left by this point that we hadn’t finished, though it didn’t go totally according to plan.  We got about halfway through before time was called, so not a total loss.  Played by Dan and Tom, game not finished, 7/28 achievements worth 180 points
Four Swords Adventures: We did this in two parts.  The first was in multiplayer form, where we saved time in the end from single player in spite of only three players out of four really understanding that we had to work together (thanks a lot, Dan!).  After we lost our fourth player, we revisited the game later in single player mode.  Played by Tom/John/Dan/Bern, then by Sarah, game finished in 11:54:47, 16/23 achievements worth 635 points
Minish Cap: Dan gave me the impression he knew this game a lot better than he actually did, though he did clearly know what he was doing.  Played by Sarah and Dan, game finished in 10:33, 19/34 achievements worth 470 points
Link’s Crossbow Training: Sure, it was off the main list, but it was an easy score.  Played by Tom, game finished for 200 points
General achievements: 350 for renewable achievements, 300 for all others
Grand total:  6170 points

Thanks go out to our sponsors and linkbacks, including:
Zelda Universe
Zelda Eternity
Brawl In The Family
Zelda Informer (I’m not as pleased with what you actually said about the event but appreciate the feedback regardless)
Penguins Productions (via their Facebook page)
Sushi Brigade
Gamree the Green Mage (who also has a pretty detailed summary of how things went down)
And the obligatory people we forgot!

We’re already in talks with TSR about the next versus marathon, but we probably won’t know exactly what it’ll be for a little while, though a rough guess is that it’ll take place sometime around the very end of this year or very beginning of next.  Nonetheless, if you want to stay informed on what it’ll actually be, this site or our Facebook page would be good places to start.

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