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Aaaaaaand some more wrap-up stuff

September 20, 2010

Because there really is more that should be said, and here it is.

* Kristin from Child’s Play responded back about how we did in the marathon, and here was their response:
“Thanks so much for your support.  Gaming marathons aren’t easy, but that’s a great result (think how many games that is!) and it will make a difference.”
I think we can agree that it wasn’t exactly Desert Bus or Mario Marathon material (which I also said to her), but it’s good to know the charities involved appreciate this too.

* Triple Speed Runners have announced their nominations for the next versus marathon are Mario, Metroid, and Mega Man.  We haven’t given them an official response yet, though given what I think everyone else wants we’re most likely to pick Metroid out of those (though personally, I wouldn’t mind revisiting Mario since it’s had a handful of new games since we last ran that).  Of course, it’s not entirely up to us, but I think at this point we can safely say it’ll be one of those three choices.  Don’t expect the actual marathon for another few months, though, it’s not like we can just pump them out rapid fire (and it probably wouldn’t be as fun if we did anyway).

* I’m returning to for my weekly Wednesday night stream this week, probably just playing whatever I feel like until we’ve started planning for the marathon more seriously.  Remember, Sarah streams occasionally as well, but since  she doesn’t have a set schedule you’re probably better off going to her Youtube page to see if she feels like streaming.

* I’ve kinda taken a break from this site, but I’ll be filling in some other updates to the more perennial sections like About Us and Archives in the near future.  Expect an edit to this page when I have.

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  1. Duth Olec permalink
    September 23, 2010 6:18 pm

    Obviously you should do all the Mario RPGs.

    That’s plausible and soundly entertaining, right? (My guess is depending on how much of each one you do it’d take 20 hours for the longest one, 13 for the shortest, average that, then to shorten the time the most we’ll say Super Paper Mario isn’t an RPG so an average would be about 102 hours. That’s only about 4 daaaays!)

    But um basically “don’t care about megaman, sort of kinda of trying to care about metroid, mario is really iffy”

  2. September 23, 2010 8:26 pm

    Actually, the other team said if we do Mario that they want it to be both the platforming games and the RPGs, and I’m inclined to agree just to get the marathon up to a similar length as the last one. So you might get your wish there.

    • Duth Olec permalink
      September 23, 2010 10:07 pm

      Gasp. Also I read something in there, I don’t even remember now, as “Mario Party”. Obviously you should *hit with a dice block*

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