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Finally, some concrete plans! Here’s the basics for the Mario Versus Marathon!

November 20, 2010

I’ve been avoiding posting because there’s been a surprising amount of discussion on exactly when the Mario marathon will be and how it will be run.  And I think it’s just now been figured out.  So as of now, here are the basic details on the Mario versus marathon:

* The marathon will take place during the weekend of January 14-17.  The time for money format will return, with a maximum of 72 hours.
* There are 20 games on the list, containing all the major console platforming releases, a few handhelds, a few side games we can’t quite categorize into a separate subseries, and about half of the Mario RPGs.
* This will be a versus marathon, again up against the Triple Speed Runners.  We are, however, still open to other teams participating too — just email us if you’re one of them.
* To date, we haven’t figured out if we’re bringing back achievements.  A few other suggestions came up, and there’s been so much debate on which one to actually use we just decided to, once again, let the viewers decide.  To take your pick, go over to!
* The expected roster this time around consists of Tom C, Sarah L, Dan L, Bern L, Jon G, Kyle C, and Nick B.
* The marathon will be epic.

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