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Donate to DC Outreach here!

January 13, 2011

Due to WordPress limitations, we can’t host the Chipin to donate directly here, so here’s a link that’ll get you there instead.

Remember, your donation could affect the show or win you a prize!  Here’s the skinny on that:
* Certain incremental donations will increase the overall length of the marathon, allowing us to continue the insanity a bit longer.  Once we’ve reached $780 in donations, the marathon will have reached its longest point and last for 72 hours.  See the FAQ for more details on how this works.
* Anyone who donates $30 or more has the option to override the order in which we play the game and select the next game we race each other on (provided it hasn’t already been played).
* Triple Speed Runners will be raffling off a Wii bundle at the end of the marathon.  Every $10 you donate will give you one ticket towards this raffle.
* Ocean City Trinity will be giving away smaller prizes to be announced periodically during the show.  They’ll come up with a random dollar amount, tell you a range it’s between, and whoever’s donation increments the total above this amount wins the prize.

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