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More news! Metroid-related news!

April 18, 2011

Surprisingly, a lot of the stuff regarding our next marathon has been settled on.  I say surprisingly because things don’t usually get figured out in this much detail this far in advance.  So expect some detailed news once I get around to writing it up.  For now, though, here’s some tidbits to keep you anticipating things:

* The next marathon will feature Metroid and take place in early July, lasting for a minimum of 48 hours.
* 9 games in the series will be featured — the only ones that aren’t are the ones on the DS.
* In addition to our usual friends at Triple Speed Runners, we’ll have a third team in the form of Team Mountain Gaming.  (For those readers who happen to be from another marathon team, we think a fourth team would be pretty cool too, so if what you read here interests you, email us!)
* We’re using a different format this time, one that we think will be easy to follow yet allow for multiple playstyles.  The extremely simplified version: 25 points for finishing the game, another 25 for doing it faster than the other teams, and another point bonus equal to your percentage of items found.
*  While we haven’t made arrangements for the charity at this moment, we’re looking at one to help with the natural disasters in Japan.

More updates soon-ish!

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