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The Metroid Versus Marathon Rulebook

April 28, 2011

Yes, we actually put one together…not because we want this to be a rules-heavy event, but because we don’t want there to be disputes like last time.  So with that said, here’s the rules.

SUMMARY. This competition lasts 48 hours.  All teams will play through all nine Metroid games, in storyline order. After each game has been completed, teams may play through any game over to improve. For each game, teams score 25 points just for finishing the game, 25 points if their time is fastest out of all other teams or 10 points if their time is second fastest, and 1 point for every percent of items found. The team with the highest score after time is up wins!

GAMES. The following games are played, in this order.

  • Metroid
  • Metroid: Zero Mission
  • Metroid Prime
  • Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
  • Metroid II: Return of Samus
  • Super Metroid
  • Metroid: Other M
  • Metroid Fusion

Once you’ve finished a game, you can go straight to the next one – no need to wait for other teams.

SCORING. After finishing a game, teams score points as follows:

  • 25 points just for finishing the game
  • 25 points if your time through the game is fastest out of all teams – if there’s a tie, all tied teams score this bonus
  • 10 points if your time is second-fastest
  • 1 point for each percent of items found throughout the game (for example, if you found 72% of the game’s items, you score 72 points, if you found everything you get 100 points, and if you only found 10% you get 10 points)
  • 50 points for having finished every game in the series at least once

The time and percentage given during the game’s ending sequence will be used for this calculation. If a time or percentage isn’t displayed, it will be manually timed or calculated. If you didn’t finish the game, you don’t score any points for it.

GAME CONDITIONS. All games must be played from a new save file, on the default normal difficulty level. Additionally, cutscenes and storyline sequences, including the ending credits, may not be skipped unless your team has already seen it previously in the marathon. And – yes, I know this should be obvious – only one game can be played at a time, and that game must be streamed to your audience and played by someone physically at the broadcast site (i.e. no outsourcing).

These games have additional notes specific to them:

  • Metroid: Game can be played on any version whatsoever (NES, GBA, Virtual Console, or as an unlockable through Prime 1 or Zero Mission). This game does not display a time or percentage on finishing and must be determined manually. Our formula is that all items count for 3 points except the Morph Ball, which counts for 1, and the Wave Beam and all energy tanks past the sixth, which do not count at all.
  • Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Game must be played on the original Gamecube version, since Metroid Prime Trilogy makes significant changes.
  • Metroid 2: This game does not display a final percentage on finishing and must be determined manually.  Our formula is that all items count for 3 points except the Spider Ball, which counts for 2 points; Bombs and Ice Beam, which count for 1 point; and all other beams and energy tanks past the fifth, which do not count at all.
  • Super Metroid: This game can be played on either its original or Virtual Console version. There is a trick that allows you to reset the world state, in turn allowing a collection percentage higher than 100%; this trick is banned.
  • Other M: The post-credits mission is considered part of the run and must be finished to have considered the game complete.

Beyond all this, anything goes, play however you see fit!

REPLAYING GAMES. After a team has completed all nine games once, they may go back and revisit a game to get a better time or percentage. (There is one exception to this rule – a team can go back to a game before finishing the others if they are going back to a game they just finished before starting the next one, and are playing from the same save file.) In this case, teams may choose to resume from the same save file used earlier or start from scratch. As before, the game must be finished for scores to be changed or updated. Teams can mix and match times and percentages from different runs of the game. (Example: if one game has the fastest time and scores 50% of all items, then completes it again with a slower time but 80% of the items, that team scores 130 points – 25 for finishing, 25 for the fastest time, and 80 for their percentage.)

COMPETITION LENGTH. This marathon will last 48 hours.  (Teams are free to continue broadcasting afterwards, even if it doesn’t count towards this competition.)

COMMUNICATION. All teams should keep an open line of communication during the event. You should let other teams know of any updates in score. We also encourage communication just for entertainment purposes, since this is a friendly competition.

EQUIPMENT MALFUNCTION. If, due to a system crash, power outage, or something else that causes the game to stop playing or makes streaming impossible and clearly isn’t the fault of the team, that team should inform all other teams immediately. That team will be compensated for all time lost, or up until they have reached the point in the game they were at when the game stopped, or their progress begins to deviate from the last time they played (for example, taking a different path or finding an item missed previously), whichever comes first. Note that this doesn’t cover intentionally stopping a game to reload a previous save or something similar.

TIMING. will be used as our official clock to determine when the marathon begins or ends, and can also be used to manually time a game if needed.

EXCEPTION CLAUSE. For every rule, there’s an exception to this rule. (Possibly to this rule too!) If something happens that you think wasn’t considered when these rules were drafted and deserves exception, or you come across a scenario that’s not mentioned at all, talk to the other teams to get a consensus on how it should be handled.

WINNING. The team with the highest score after time is up is the winner. The winners may nominate game series or themes to play for the next versus marathon, which will be voted on by all other participants.

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