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Getting closer!

June 28, 2011

As I write this, we’re about a week and a half away from the Metroid Versus Marathon!  I hope you’re excited, I know I am.

I’ll be putting up updated rules and FAQs soon, though little has changed.  There is, unfortunately, one item I have to go back on — the marathon’s not going to be extended based on donation amounts.  Or to be more specific, the competition side won’t be.  The short explanation is one of the other teams, thanks to some real life concerns, can’t stay much longer than the initial 48 hours.  But that doesn’t prevent us (or the other-other team, for that matter) from organizing our own ways to keep the entertainment going.

In addition, we’ll be doing some equipment testing we can run off as a preview tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9PM.  If you want to stop by and help us run things smoothly, feel free to stop by!
EDIT: If you actually did stop by, sorry about that!  For some reason isn’t cooperating and I’ll look into why for another test stream later.
EDIT AGAIN: We figured out why, and are trying again Friday at 9PM.

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