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The Metroid marathon last word

July 22, 2011

Once again, I think we outdid ourselves.

I mean, sure, we lost, but it was worth it, and while I’m sure everyone involved could find some fault with their own progress on the game, I’m not going to — there’s not much on the competition side to say than TSR simply had a better run.  But even with that said, I know we played our best.  Rich, our newest player, had the retro games down cold, Nick had a solid run through Fusion, and I took on most of the rest with surprising skill considering I picked them up specifically for this marathon.  And while our donation amount certainly wasn’t as high as the Mario marathon before this, $576.20 is still nothing to look down at.

The final scoreboard is already posted, but I’d also like to say that this was a format I really liked and could easily be reused for a different game series for the next versus marathon.

As of right now, we’re actually more likely to leave the versus marathons alone for a bit as everyone involved does their own thing for a bit.  We’ve begun talking a little bit about a solo project, but right now it’s just ideas, so hopefully we’ll have something for you to get excited about soon.

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